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  • £ 275.00

    Bring a natural organic touch to rooms and pay tribute to the beauty of the great outdoors, with this gorgeous real wood section coffee table. Made from a round slab of treated sustainable African wood on three textured black metal legs, this tree trunk coffee table is super-chic in its raw simplicity. If you have the time and the inclination, you could even calculate the age of the tree that grew this for you. As this is a natural item, the grain, splits and knots vary from piece to piece,...

  • £ 760.00

    With the look of a vintage suitcase, this silver steel coffee table is smooth, stylish and so unusual. The hinged top has a trunk design with a clasp unlocking a black lined storage area. There are 2 drawers below, all sitting on a W-shaped frame that adds to the modern look. The decorative stud detailing and luggage-style buckles add a touch of industrial style and give some texture to the smooth metal surface. br> The coffee table is part of our Viscount range of polished metal furnishings,...

  • £ 539.00

    At more than a metre in height, this antique effect oval mirror brings an elegant presence to rooms. The folded facets around the rim of this silver oval mirror create an origami effect that diffuses light across rooms in all directions. This antique glass mirror will naturally reflect light to open up rooms and make them feel larger. Simple and chic, but with characterful imperfections, this mirror complements most interiors and will stand the test of time. Dimensions (WDH) 76 x 5 x 122cm

  • £ 1 149.00

    This retro style grey velvet sofa is beautifully made and incredibly striking, with its scalloped back and soft grey colour. The rippled shell design gives this sofa depth and texture, with the angled stainless steel legs and sumptuous soft velvet completing the luxurious art deco look. This grey settee, with its inviting thick padded seat and gently sloped back. shows that style doesn't have to compromise comfort. Dimensions (WDH) 181 x 87 x 92cm

  • £ 436.00

    The sharp angles and dainty detailing of this antique gold metal coffee table give it an elegant presence, like an upturned crown. A dark tinted, circular glass top is set within the golden frame, supported by bent hairpin legs that criss-cross to form pinnacles. Little golden rings wrap around where the legs cross, adding a delicious design touch. A luxurious room accent that combines antique gold with modern tinted glass, this lovely pointed leg coffee table will take centre stage in any...

  • £ 434.00

    Highly unique, this round grey coffee table is dripping in cool industrial style, and what can be more industrial than concrete. The smooth, grey skimmed concrete beautifully contrasts with the luxurious golden disc that peeps from its base. Its solid, tablet shaped design makes it look like a chunky piece of concrete, but your floorboards can rest assured that the concrete finish is applied to a hollow wooden frame. This round concrete coffee table will look right at home in an industrial or...

  • £ 647.00

    This art deco inspired cabinet catches the eye with its bright, mirrored surfaces and opulent soft gold detailing. The contrasting neutral champagne coloured edging and crisp silver of the mirror will work to reflect the light, making spaces feel bigger and brighter. The semi-circle design across the doors of this mirrored 2 door cabinet creates a target pattern that really draws the eye. Standing on tapered and angled legs with gold edging, this gold glass cabinet is a nod to the glitz and...

  • £ 1 394.00

    Wow this metallic dining table is a real attention grabber, oozing a cool, sophisticated glow from its shiny silver surface. The round bulbous legs propping up the rectangular top of this silver dining table give this item an air of vintage grandeur. It's a metallic and majestic dining table that really draws the eyes. The tabletop and edge are hand punched to give a pleasing texture, with the metal cladding wrinkled around the leg bulbs to add an antique air. This vintage dining table is a...

  • £ 832.00

    A nod to 1920s art deco glamour, this eye-catching black and white dining table features a bone-inlaid surface arranged in blocks that resemble the keys of a piano. The spiralling design of this round monochrome dining table plays with the eyes to create a wonderful sense of movement. This art deco style dining table sits atop a chunky black base that's crafted into the shape of a vase. The overall effect is one of incredible style, charisma and luxury. Dimensions (WDH) 100 x 100 x 75cm

  • £ 1 676.00

    The pairing of classic cappuccino cream with goat skin cushions gives this 4 seater sofa a real wow factor. The contrast of a classic button-upholstered back with raw hide cushions gives a timeless and elegant item of furniture a unique rustic edge - it's a Chesterfield style sofa with a twist. The natural goat hides create subtle colour variations and, together with the whitewashed Mindi wood frame, create an overall raw, rustic feeling that's tinged with luxury. The cream patches and fur...

  • £ 459.00

    This charming compass rose coffee table features a classic nautical star motif to give your interior design a true sense of direction. Stunning marquetry inlay using natural light and dark wood smoothly creates the iconic 3D effect of the 8-point star in the circular table top. The theme is continued to the four perfectly formed pedestal table legs, gathered and splayed to complement the stars points. The grace of this nautical star table and its long history as a symbol of the highest...

  • £ 871.00

    A highly unusual piece of furniture, this round wood and concrete dining table is a striking fusion of industrial and rustic design. The recycled elm tabletop has segments radiating out from the centre to create an eye-catching sundial effect, complemented by the cone-shaped base. A subtle two tone element is added by the rounded underside of the top being a slightly lighter shade of grey concrete. The smooth grey finish creates a modern industrial mood that's right on trend, but rest assured...

  • £ 298.00

    The geometric design of this black pyramid coffee table, makes this piece a real work of art that can't fail to catch the eye. Made from an iron frame, this metal and glass coffee table shows the two pyramids meeting at their overlapping apexes, creating interest and a fantastic feeling of depth. Highly unique, this glass coffee table oozes classically chic contemporary style and would look right at home in a loft, warehouse or industrial style interior. Why not create a theme by pairing this...

  • £ 1 070.00

    This luxurious coffee table is made from pyrite, also known as fool's gold. A round slab of polished natural pyrite gives the metal coffee table a stunning metallic lustre with a dappled, subtle shine. With a solid steel frame in a black finish to accentuate the dark golden veins in the stone, the pyrite coffee table makes a real statement item in any interior. A taller side table is also available in the fool's gold range, should you wish to create a luxurious theme. Dimensions (WDH) 75 x 75 x...

  • £ 467.00

    Oozing understated elegance, this simple square wall mirror will bring luxury and finesse to walls. The warm beige leather is finished with diamond stitching that creates a padded texture to make this mirror really pop out from the wall. At over 1 metre square, the leather mirror is glamorous wall art that will reflect light to expand and freshen any room. The Moseley mirror is part of our range of stitched leather furnishings that creates an opulent theme. Dimensions (WDH) 120 x 120 x 6cm

  • £ 137.00

    Highly unusual and incredibly striking, this silver shelf wall mirror will create an impressive focal point, magnifying the display effect of any ornament, candle or plant placed on it. The three mirrored shelves sit on top of ledges so that their bevelled edges are visible, with mirrored bars in the circular frame allowing the wall colour to show through. This round mirrored shelving unit will send light dancing around your spaces in a mesmerising fashion. Dimensions (WDH) 80 x 5.5 x 80cm

  • £ 97.00

    This geometric modern masterpiece makes a bold statement that's right on target and much more than just a mirror. A central, circular mirror is exposed within a black cross frame made up of separate bevelled sections, with the frameless edge emphasising the geometric design. This simple, yet powerful design mixes the look of a playhouse window with a Celtic cross, creating modern art as well as a functional mirror to spread light. Dimensions (WDH) 60.8 x 60.8 cm.

  • £ 229.00

    This large all-glass circular mirror makes a big impact with its geometric floral effect. Two rows of pentagon-shaped mirror pieces fit together like a rim of petals around a central mirror. The neat arrangement of segments rises slightly from the wall, giving a subtle 3D effect that reflects light from the side as well as the face. The stunning result is a faceted round mirror that looks like a stylised flower, made entirely of glass. Dimensions (WDH) 80 x 5 x 120cm

Items 1 to 18 of 58 total