Mammoth Mammoth Mattress -

£ 1 149.95

If you want to enjoy the ultimate luxury of 30cm of high performance and innovative VMax Medical Grade Foam then the Mammoth Mattress delivers Designed to provide a cool hygienic and breathable sleeping environment it offers maximised support to ease your night time aches and pains or to help you recuperate after injury The exceptional memory foam has been developed with the Chiropractic Patients Association and is clinically proven to ensure a better nights sleepThis perfectly balanced mattress is medium firm and combines pockets of pressure relieving cell technology with a tencel cool fibre cover for all the support and comfort you could need Handmade in the UK the Mammoth Mattress ensures a truly restful and relaxing nights sleepHypoallergenic and with an integrated mattress cover this fresh and clean single sided mattress simply requires turning every three months to maintain optimal performance With free 24 hour UK delivery why not indulge in a Mammoth Mattress and give yourself the ultimate gift of a great nights sleep

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