Tuft Springs Superia 3000 Pocket Natural Mattress - Single (3' x 6'3")

£ 339.95

The Superia Natural Pocket 3000 Mattress is proof that decadent luxury dreamy comfort and ideal support can be combined This mattress is made from springs and tuft for the purpose of helping you enjoy a restful sleep night after nightSilk fine wool and cashmere are incorporated into the handcrafting of this mattress to achieve a natural comfort that is rarely found in more mass produced models No less than 3000 pocket springs combine to create an unmatched support system with the individual encasement of each spring allowing the parts of your body that need the most support to receive it This means you can say goodbye to the movement transfer that has the potential to wake you or your sleeping partner during the nightThe Natural Pocket 3000 Mattress comes wrapped in a gentle damask fabric into which the luxurious fillings are layered There are also air vents which encourage circulation to keep you fresh at night while builtin turning handles ensure that turning over your mattress is never a chore If you are determined not to compromise on either support or comfort the mediumfirm Natural Pocket 3000 Mattress could be your perfect match

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